Easter poems

Poems for Easter:

Easter Everywhere

Rabbits soft and cuddly
Baby chickens, too.
Easter eggs for baskets
White and pink and blue.
Easter cards of greeting,
Music in the air,
Lilies just to tell us
It's Easter everywhere.

Easter Surprise

Easter eggs,
Yellow and blue,
Easter eggs,
For me and you.

Easter eggs,
Candy sweet,
Easter eggs,
Are good to eat.

Easter eggs,
Pretty and funny,

Easter Love

On Easter we celebrate love,
love coming down from heaven,
love blanketing the earth

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0 March 05, 2016

List of Easter Songs

Easter songs are an integral part of Easter celebration. Easter songs make Easter more meaningful conveying the message and meaning of Easter. Songs of joy, victory, resurrection, Jesus, christianity.

A list of Easter songs:

Your Grace is Enough – Matt Maher
You’re the Lion of Judah – Robin Mark
You Have Been so Good – Paul Baloche, Sara Groves
You are God – Andy Park
You Alone Can Rescue - Matt Redman
Whiter Than Snow – Lenny Leblanc
Where Would We Be – Matt Redman
Unshakable – Andy Park
There is no Other Name – Robin Mark

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0 February 22, 2016

Church in Greek

The word for church in Greek is ekklesia. The meaning of this word is gathering or assembly. The teachings of the church are embodied in the life of Christ.

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0 January 31, 2012

When is Catholic Easter 2012

For the year 2012, Catholic Easter is celebrated on Sunday, April 8th. The date of the Easter Sunday is defined as the Sunday following the Paschal Full Moon (PFM) date for the year. Catholic easter is calculated based on the Gregorian calendar while the Orthodox Easter is based on the Julian Calendar. For 2012 the date of the Catholic Easter is April 8th.

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The Olympians

In mythology the Olympians were 12 gods and goddesses who ruled the world after the Titans. The 12 Olympian Gods were living on top of Mount Olympus.

The Twelve Olympians are:
Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Demeter, Athena, Dionysus, Apollo, Artemis, Ares, Aphrodite, Hephaestus and Hermes.

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0 December 05, 2011