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Environment day 2012

The theme for the World Environment Day 2012 is "Green Economy". By Green Economy, we mean the process where public and private investments are made in new technologies and infrastructure to create a more environment friendly world. This way, apart from the great environmental gains, new jobs and new business opportunities are created, and economic growth follows. The Environment Day 2012 aims to educate individuals and corporations of the value of green economy:

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0 January 31, 2012

World Environment day

World Environment Day is celebrated all over the world on 5th of June every year. The purpose of this world day is to increase awareness on environmental issues around the world, and encourage people and governments to act on them. Unfortunately, up to now, the World Environment Day has not changed the way the world reacts to environmental problems, and needs more attention from everyone.

According to the United Nations website:

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0 January 30, 2012